Paradise Junction Beach House

Today I thought I’d write a little about our beach house.

We’ve named it “Paradise Junction”, because being there is like being in paradise, and also because it’s located at the junction of the Intracoastal Waterway and the canal in Sargent, Texas. It has a beautiful ocean view from the upper deck.

The house is right on the water, and it even has a boat ramp and fishing dock. You can launch your boat and be in Mitchell’s cut, East Matagorda Bay, or the Gulf of Mexico, each within about two minutes. There are on-the-water bait camps located just a stone’s throw away, so getting bait is no problem.

You can view more details here: Paradise Junction Beach House.

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If you enjoy saltwater fishing, crabbing, beach combing, shell collecting, bird watching, boating, or just being around the water and enjoying nature, this is a great place for a weekend or weekly vacation. There’s something to be said for a little coastal escapism every now and then!

If you’re interested in visiting Paradise Junction, drop us a line at or call Sheila at 281 536-7788 to check availability and pricing.

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