Cheap Car Insurance

For those of you who are looking for cheap car insurance, we recently discovered a decent car insurance company: Safeco.

For many years, we’ve been a faithful Progressive customer, and have enjoyed their great service and decent prices. However, my wife and I were able to save about 20% by going with an insurance carrier that was sold through the same agent as our homeowner’s insurance company. In this case, it was Safeco.

At this point, we haven’t needed to file a claim, so as far as quality of service is concerned, that remains to be seen. But again, if you’re looking for cheap car insurance, check with your homeowner’s insurance agent and see if you can get a discount by purchasing homeowner’s insurance and car insurance through the same agent. That approach, combined with Safeco’s lower rates, could save you about 20% as compared to Progressive.


As of 2012, we are back with Progressive.  They must have figured out they were losing market share because of Safeco’s better rates, because their rates are now better than safeco.  And in my experience, both companies offer excellent service.

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