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Atheism is Ignorance

As a Christian, I occasionally run into people who claim that they don’t believe in God. In this article, I’ll share with you some of their reasonings, and provide counter-arguments. Also, I’ll delve into some of the underlying motivations these people have for claiming to believe that there is no God. First of all, let’s … Continue reading "Atheism is Ignorance"

Creationism or Darwinian Macroevolution: Which is True?

Darwinian Macroevolution has been scientifically proven to be the process which created all of the life forms we see today. Right? Well not so fast… To the naive college student just wanting to pass a class, this article may be bad news. With academic institutions teaching Darwinian macroevolution as if it were proven fact, should … Continue reading "Creationism or Darwinian Macroevolution: Which is True?"

The Origin of the Universe

Have you ever wondered why we’re here on this little speck of dust we call Earth? Consider this: In all of the known universe, throughout all of the untold billions and trillions of galaxies, there is only one planet which we know of, which can support life: planet Earth. Is that a mere accident, or … Continue reading "The Origin of the Universe"

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