I enjoy writing, recording and producing music.  My favorite musical styles are Jazz, Funk, Blues, Relaxation/Chill music, Neo Soul, Lo-Fi R&B, and some Gospel.  I used to write a lot of Contemporary Christian, but got really burned out on the I-IV-V-iv cliche, so I shifted my focus to the other, more durable genres.

For about eight years, I led the music service at our home Church on Wednesday nights, often with my wife by my side.  We also sometimes led the music service at our vacation home Church on Sunday mornings.

Most recently, my interest has shifted back to my favorite musical generes (see above).  I’ve released a handful of EPs since early 2020, and continue to write and produce music pretty regularly, under the name “Lo Heat”.  My EPs are available for streaming and purchase on the major digital music services.

If you play guitar, you may find this site to be useful:

If you’re interested in my music, you can visit the website for my music project, Lo Heat Music:

You can buy my music straight from the website, or you can go directly to my Bandcamp page (be sure to FOLLOW me on Bandcamp for updates):

I’m on Spotify:

I’m on Pandora:

Subscribe to my YouTube channels.

YouTube channel for my “Lo Heat” music project:

My personal YouTube channel:

I’m on Soundcloud:

Finally, my “Lo Heat” project is also on all of the major music stores and streaming platforms.  As of this writing (January 20, 2021), that project has released two EPs and three singles, and the third EP is in the works.

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