Hello! My name is Ron. I’m a sinner saved by grace, follower of Christ, amateur theologian, husband, father, guitarist, singer-songwriter, worship leader, professional software developer, electronics engineer, fisherman, boat operator, real estate investor, world traveler, handyman, and lover of life.

I’ve been developing the content on this site for several years now. I’ll be continuing to add content and resources as time permits.

Stay awhile, and have a look around. I trust you will be blessed by what you see here.

Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often, as I’ll be continuing to add stuff that you’re sure to find interesting.

In Christ,

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Scott Haines

    I was looking at your pfmgr2 on github and wondered if you had any screenshots or a demo? I looked at version 1 of the software and it looks like it would do what I’m wanting. I would develop my own, but I am currently involved in a rather long project that won’t allow me to do so.


    1. ron Post author

      The pfmgr2 project is not complete. It’s supposed to be a re-write of my original pfmgr application, but using proper underscore naming convention for database tables and columns instead of camelCase, and based on the latest JAX Framework. Unfortunately, I never had the time to complete it. You’re welcome to join the project and help me to get it done. Just send me a request on GitHub.


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